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Welcome to the Pacific NW Region Programming Contest! The Pacific NW Region is comprised of the following areas: Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, northern/central California and western Nevada. Because of the large geographic area of the region, the contest is held simultaneously at multiple sites: Northern California, Oregon, E. WA and Idaho, Western Washington, Canada, and Hawaii.

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2017 PacNW Contest

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  • The 2018 ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest Contest will be held Saturday, November 3.
    • Registration will open late September once sponsors have been arranged
    • The contest will start one hour later this year to help account for the fact we will still be on Daylight Savings Time.  This makes the time difference between Hawaii and the rest of the sites 3 hours.  Thus registration on contest day will begin at 10am PDT with the actual contest starting at 2pm PDT.
    • Sites are still being confirmed for this year's contest.  This information will be posted as soon as it is available.
  • Many hearfelt thanks to our contest sponsors for 2017
    • Please thank our two new ACM ICPC major contest sponsors: JetBrains and Two Sigma. THANK YOU JetBrains and Two Sigma!!!
    • Our local sponsors are listed below.  Each of these companies has opportunities for students via internships and full time employment.  Thanks to our local sponsors, team costs are some of the lowest in all of North America!
  • There were two divisions again in 2017   
    • Division 1 (D1) is for teams that are VERY STRONG algorithmically.  The D1 problem set is difficult.  It is along the lines of a lite version of what you would see at World Finals.  Check the Results tab above and view D1 performance from years past.  Many teams have had a difficult time.  
    • Division II (D2) is approachable for teams that have not completed the algorithm sequence at their school and/or have not competed in programming contests before.  Almost all problems in D2 can be solved using techniques at the CS1 and CS2 levels.  Most teams in this division have a great chance at solving many problems.  If a team does well in this division this year, that team should try D1 next year!  Participating in D2 will not count against your eligibility for World Finals in future years (other than the rules established by ICPC itself based on age/year in school -- see the Contest Rules tab above for more information on the ICPC rules).  When registering a team for D2 on the ICPC registration site, include 'D2' at the beginning of the team name.  See the Registration tab above for more information.
    • Important noteOnly D1 teams are eligible for slots in the World Finals.
    • The following zip file contains three problems that serve as a baseline for competing in Division 1.  If a team cannot solve these three problems, that team should compete in Divsion 2.  The file contains input, output, and solutions to each problem along with a README that includes hints.  The file size is ~15MB.
    • Check the two division FAQ for more details
  • We will once again support Python.  We will support Python 2 and 3.  We are also supporting C# via the Mono Project.  Please see the Details tab for more information.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the future, if you are interested and capable of hosting, please contact the regional director Tom Capaul at: and/or  Costs of the contest (food, t-shirts, balloons, etc.) are covered by the PacNW region.  As a host school your teams participate for free.
2017 SITES:

Available to all registered student contestants, reserves, student coaches, and student volunteers for the Regionals!
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2017 Final Standings
November 11, 2017

The Top 10 (Div I):
1 Berkeley Blue
2 Stanford Cardinal
3 UBC*
4 UW May the bugs be with you~
5 UW +1S
6 UW scottai 
7 Berkeley Gold
8 UBC~
9 SFU_Royal_180
10 UBCO1
The Top 10 (Div II):
1 UBC\
2 Ursi
3 UBC% 
4 SFU_185
5 SFU_187
6 De Anza Red
7 Team 1 (OSU)
8 Power UP
9 SFU_183
10 Seg Fault (EWU)

Final Standings Link

2017 Site Champions:
  • Northern California 
    • Div 1: Berkeley Blue
    • Div 2: Ursi (UC Berkeley)
  • Northwest (Oregon): 
    • Div 1: ASAP As Possible (George Fox)
    • Div 2: Team 1 (OSU)
  • Puget Sound (Western Wash): 
    • Div 1: UW May the bugs be with you~
    • Div 2: UWT 6 (UW Tacoma)
  • Canada (BC): 
    • Div 1: UBC* (U British Columbia)
    • Div 2: UBC\ (U British Columbia)
  • Hawaii:
    • Div 1: #00FF00 (HPU)
    • Div 2: #C0FFEE (HPU)
  • Northeast: 
    • Div 1: Whitworth Buccaneers 
    • Div 2: Seg Fault (EWU)

THANK YOU to our wonderful 2017 site director volunteers:
  • University of British Columbia - Will Evans
  • University of Puget Sound - Adam Smith
  • George Fox University - Brent Wilson
  • University of Californai Berkeley - Paul Hilfinger
  • Brigham Young University, Hawaii - Geoff Draper
  • Eastern Washington University - Jenna Jasa
If you still have questions or require special information not found here, email the contest director: Tom Capaul (