2021 ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest

Washington D1 per Site Standings


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Group RankNameSolvedTime
1new-final-final-2 (U of Washington) (Washington D1)121628
21-gon di-gon dra-gon (U of Washington) (Washington D1)91203
3Stochastic Dominators (U of Washington) (Washington D1)7963
4team uwu (U of Washington) (Washington D1)71321
5Team Team (U of Washington) (Washington D1)5613
6Hype Mismatch (University of Puget) (Washington D1)2218
7AMG (U of Washington) (Washington D1)2377
8DoogerV4 (U of Washington) (Washington D1)2407
9Zokolis (U of Washington) (Washington D1)2503
10var_group_name (U of Washington) (Washington D1)00
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