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University of Oregon Site 2008 Welcome to the Pacific NW Region Programming Contest! The Pacific NW Region is comprised of the following areas: Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, northern/central California and western Nevada. Because of the large geographic area of the region, the contest is held simultaneously at multiple sites: Northern California, Northwest (Oregon), Northeast (E. WA and Idaho), Puget Sound (Western Washington), Canada, and Hawaii.



  • Final Standings, Solutions, and I/O Posted.  See the Results Tab
  • Top 10 for each division as well as site winners shown below.
  • There were two divisions this year!  
    • Division 1 (D1) is for teams that are very strong algorithmically.  The D1 problem set will be difficult.  It will be along the lines of a lite version of what you would see at World Finals.  Only D1 teams are eligible for slots in the World Finals.
    • Divsion II (D2) is for teams that have not completed the algorithm sequence at their school and/or have not competed in programming contests before.  Almost all problems in D2 will be at the CS1 and CS2 levels.  Most teams in this division have a great chance at solving many problems.  If a team does well in this division this year, that team should try D1 next year!  Participating in D2 will not count against your eligibility for World Finals in future years (other than the rules established by ICPC itself based on age/year in school -- see the Contest Rules tab above for more information on the ICPC rules).  When registering a team for D2, include 'D2' at the beginning of the team name.  The D2 will be removed for the actual contest.
    • Check the two division FAQ for more details
  • We supported Python in this year's contest.  While Python is not yet supported in World Finals, based on feedback from you, we have decided to add it.  We will support Python 2.7.6 and 3.4.0.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the future, if you are interested and capable of hosting, please contact the regional director at: or  Costs of the contest (food, t-shirts, balloons, etc.) are covered by the PacNW region.  As a host school your teams participate for free.


Final Results

  • November 3 is the contest date for the 2012 contest

  • Site update still in progress...

  • On contest day, registration will begin at 9am PST (just as with 2011), not 8am as in previous years to accommodate the 3 hour time difference the Hawaii site faces.

  • Registration will close on Wednesday, October 31.  Any teams registering after October 26 are not guaranteed t-shirts and a spot in the contest (if the site they wish to participate at is full, they cannot compete).

  • You have the ability to register up to 5 teams for the contest, provided your site has room to accommodate them.  Each school has the opportunity to register 3 teams (room permitting at site), guaranteed, through Friday, October 26.  After this point, schools that want to register a 4th and/or 5th team will officially be allowed to do so (room permitting at site).

  • For problems that require input, that input will come from stdin.  In previous years input was read from a file.  For more details, visit this link:

  • Each problem will have a time limit specific to that problem.  The time limit will be specified as part of each problem statement.  In past years all problems had a default time limit of 120 seconds.  For more details, visit this link:

  • Judge responses are the same as last year to attempt to provide better feedback on team submissions.  For more details, please visit this link:

  • Contest start time has been moved back one hour relative to previous years.  This is to accommodate the Hawaii site so they do not have to register at 5am (now they can register at 6am :-).  Thus registration for mainland sites begins at 9am and the actual contest will start somewhere around 1pm.  For more details, please visit this link:

  • Email any questions to:  

2014 SITES:

Available to all registered student contestants, reserves, student coaches, and student volunteers for the Regionals!
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2014 PacNW Contest

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2014 Final Standings
November 15, 2014

The Top 10 (Div I):
Berkeley Blue (UC Berkeley)
Stanford White (Stanford)
Berkeley Gold (UC Berkeley)
UBC# (U British Columbia)
Eternal Flame (U of Washington)
Stanford Cardinal (Stanford)
Stanford Band (Stanford)
Olia in UW (U of Washington)
Amgems (U of Washington)
10 Stanford Red (Stanford)
The Top 10 (Div II):
1 Berkeley Radicals (UC Berkeley)
the probebolistics (U of Oregon)
3 UBC^ (U British Columbia)
4 Ursi (UC Berkeley)
5 UBC& (U British Columbia)
6 UNBC Forked (UNBC)
7 Virtual Apothecary (WWU)
8 UNBC Stacked (UNBC)
9 WWU Gustav's Jesters (WWU)
10 PLU-1 (PLU)

Final Standings Link

2014 Site Champions:
  • Northern California 
    • Div 1: University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley Blue
    • Div 2: Berkeley Radicals (UC Berkeley)
  • Northwest (Oregon): 
    • Div 1: uobola (U of Oregon)
    • Div 2: the probebolistics (U of Oregon)
  • Puget Sound (Western Wash): 
    • Div 1: Eternal Flame (U of Washington)
    • Div 2: Virtual Apothecary (Western Washington)
  • Canada (BC): 
    • Div 1: UBC# (U British Columbia)
    • Div 2: UBC^ (U British Columbia)
  • Hawaii:
    • Div 1: 00FF00 (Hawaii Pacific)
    • Div 2: FF0000 (Hawaii Pacific)
  • Northeast: 
    • Div 1: Eagle Red (Eastern Washington)
    • Div 2: GU Hotdog (Gonzaga U.)

THANK YOU to our wonderful 2014 site director volunteers:
  • Simon Fraser University - Binay Bhattacharya
  • University of Puget Sound - Adam Smith
  • George Fox University - Brent Wilson
  • University of San Francisco - Peter Pacheco
  • Brigham Young University, Hawaii - Geoff Draper
  • Eastern Washington University - Steve Berg


If you still have questions or require special information not found here, email the contest director:

Last Updated: 11/27/2014