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How do I register a team for the contest?

  • Registration for the Pacific Region Contest is a two part process.
    • First, you need to reserve a spot by registering your team(s) on-line with ACM-ICPC - up to 5 teams per school, space permitting. (See the link below)
    • Then, you must confirm your registration by registering via PayPal or sending to the Regional Director a check or money order with the registration fee of $30 for each team (The confirmation form can be printed from this web site. See below.) 
  • Each team must have a faculty sponsor/advisor (who may also be the coach). Among other things, the sponsor's signature certifies that the team members meet the contest eligibility requirements. The sponsor or the coach (if s/he is a faculty member) must accompany the team to the contest site. That is, each team must be accompanied by a faculty member from their institution.

Online reservation must take place before Nov. 7 to be considered "on time". Teams who do not reserve by this date are considered late and may NOT receive t-shirts, and may not be guaranteed a place in the contest. (Checks must be received by Nov. 7, and are non-refundable.) Until a check is received, your registration status is "pending" and your team is NOT eligible to compete. *NOTE: Team member names do NOT have to be entered at the time of registration. HOWEVER, team names and COMPLETE info must be completed by Nov. 7. Teams w/o complete team member information will be ineligible to compete.

Registration links:

  • STEP 0: Determine if you'd like a team to compete in D1 or D2. if you'd like the team to compete in D2, place a D2 at the beginning of the team name.  The D2 will of course be removed for the contest.
  • STEP 1: Go to on-line reservation REMINDER: When registering a team that you wish to compete in D2, place D2 at the beginning of the team name.  The D2 will of course be removed for the contest.
  • STEP2: Go to registration confirmation form

If you have questions regarding the online registration process,  please contact the help desk:
Phone: (254)710-3875

What happens when more teams want to enter than there is space to accommodate?

One of ACM and our goals is to have as many schools as possible compete in the Contest. Depending on the resources at the volunteer host sites (How Can My School Be a Volunteer Site?), it may not be possible to register more than one team from a school.

In an attempt to be as fair as possible, the Pacific NW Region has adopted the following policy:

If more teams have requested to register than there are slots available:

  • Registration requests will be prioritized by postmark/payment date, through the registration deadline. Each institution's #1 team will be registered, then available slots will be filled by #2 teams, and then the #3 teams, etc., in the same order. Teams who have submitted their registrations by the deadline will be notified of their status at this time.
  • Teams whose registrations are postmarked after the registration date will be placed in any remaining slots, by the same algorithm. They will be notified as soon as possible if slots are available.

Can a team register at the site on the day of the Contest?


Last updated: 8/25/14